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How to Improve Your Bikes Mileage

The petrol and diesel price is increasing day by day in India. There is no expectation what will be the fuel price tomorrow. Most of the bike users in India are students and employees. Many of us have a fixed pocket money or a fixed monthly income (Salary). The company will never increase our salary based on the fuel price :). Even many companies will not provide a yearly appraisal and they will tell many reasons for it. It is a funny truth ;). Ok, leave it, this is not related to the topic. So everyone wants to control fuel consumption of their bikes. Saving fuel means saving money which helps to improve fuel economy. Here are some tips to maintain/increase mileage of your bike.

1) Keep its heart healthy – Yes, The engine is the heart of your bike, Service your bikes engine frequently as mentioned in the service manual. It is better to maintain the recommended interval between services by the company.
2) Always use good oil – Use only better oils and the ones which are recommended as per engine configurations. Using bad oils will affect negatively for bikes engine and it will decrease your average mileage.
3) Ride bike at moderated speed – Never play with speed, Always try to maintain the speed between 40 kmh to 60 kmh max. This will give you a safer journey and a better fuel efficiency.
4) Keep bikes engine warm – It is not always possible to make sure that your bikes engine is warm, but you can organise your trip in better ways. Remember, a warm engine gives better mileage than a cold engine.
5) Pump up your bikes tyres – Tyres are not only helping to ride your bike, they play a major role in maintaining fuel consumption too. Check tyre pressures frequently and keep the pressure range is recommended by the manufacture.
6) Avoid unwanted acceleration - Do not use clutch when bike is accelerating.
7) Select the better route – Always try to use the route which offers fewer traffic and lesser humps.
8) Switch off your bikes engine when you stop in traffic signals or situations like this.
9) Do not park your bike under direct sunlight – This is not only for fuel saving, The UV radiation of sunlight badly affects the tyres and damages it.
10) Be cool – Yes, you should ride your bike with a cool mind. I am saying this because if you are in hurry or not in good mood, then definitely you will forget to follow the above tips which you should follow while riding your bike.

Note: You are welcome to leave a feedback and any other tips to improve and maintain a good mileage for two wheeler's. Please use the comment box to share your tips and experience.

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